During this consultation the best vaccination scheme for your pet will be discussed. Further attention is paid to prevention, de-worming, external anti-parasites and a general examination.

Vaccination scheme cats:

9 weeks: vaccination against panleukopenia en the cat flu.

12 weeks: revaccination against panleukopenia en the cat flu.

Outdoor cats/ full protection: vaccination against feline leukemia.

Abroad: vaccination against rabies.

Vaccination scheme dogs:

9 weeks: vaccination against canine distemper, leptospira, parvo virus and canine hepatitis.

12 weeks: revaccination against distemper, leptospire, parvo virus and canine hepatitis.

Dog school/ kennel/ lots of contact with other dogs: vaccination against kennel cough.

Abroad: vaccination against rabies.

If you want to travel with your pet, you can contact me for the special requirements and risks at your destination. Vaccination against rabies is valid 21 days after injection and some European and non-European destinations have additional requirements.

Vaccination scheme rabbits:

Starting at the age of 5 weeks: vaccination against Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD 1 en 2) and myxomatosis.